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We are glad to be able to offer a number of activities and meal options to enhance your stay in Latvia in LOCU SALA

and make sure that you enjoy your time away from the city in our serene and picturesque place!

Atpūta pie ezera! Pirts un kubls!


To book the activity please kindly send your request via the website, or simply contact us via the phone, email or whatsapp, so we could arrange it for you. Please kindly note that activities and meals shall be reserved in advance to ensure the availability. The availability is not guaranteed.



Boat with paddles to go fishing or to have some fun with family or friends whilst exploring the lake.

Indicated price is for one boat for a full day.

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SUP boards

Two SUP boards available for you to do some sports in a playful way.

Indicated price is for one SUP for a full day.

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Yoga retreats

Yoga classes of any level ideal for groups to work out in serenity. Please get in touch with us to organize your retreat.

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and Tub

Sauna and hot tub for relaxation and body recovery.

The price depends on the number of people.

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Farm excursion

The idyllic setting of this environment will allow you to make short or long walks at the farm. Let us know if you would like to book guided tour.

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Meals and Banquettes

Daily meals or banquette options so you could sit back and relax.
Prices are per person per meal.

Breakfast €10, Lunch/dinner €18,

Banquet POR.

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There are plenty of other activities available in the area offered by the local companies,

below you will find a list of our suggestions:

Basilica of Aglona

(Aglonas Bazilika)

Devil’s lake


Kraslava St. Ludwig Roman Catholic Church

(Krāslavas Sv.Ludviga Romas katoļu baznīca) +371 656 23939


Aglona Deer Garden

(Aglonas Briežu dārzs) +371 29 642 100


Horse farm "Klajumi"

(Zirgu sēta “Klajumi”)


Aglona Bread Museum

(Maizes muzejs) +371 29 287 044


Kraslava spring, Brewery

(Krāslavas avots, Alus darītava) +371 65 623 123

Kraslava Castle

(Krāslavas pils)


Priedaine observation tower

(Priedaines skatu tornis) +371 656 22201


Potter Valdis and Olga Pauliņi workshop

(Keramiķu Valda un Olgas Pauliņu darbnīca) +371 29128695


Craft room - artist Maija Šuļga's workshop

(Amatu istaba - mākslinieces Maijas Šuļgas darbnīca) +371 26925821


Weaving workshop "Indra"

(Aušanas darbnīca “Indra”) +371 26430121


Adamova nature trail

(Adamovas dabas taka) +371 65622201



There is a hiking trail on our territory which is ideal for walking and outdoor activities. 

The length of the trail is 3 km.

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