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My name is Oscar, and I have built this place with my own hands for my big family. This place became my serenity temple, here I relax with my soul and my body, work with my hands, take care of the bees, and every morning and evening I have the same words on the tips of my lips: ''How blessed I am TO BE''.


Time has passed and my children grew up, scattered in all the different places, but this place still has remained our main family gathering point. 

I would like to share with you,  your families, your friends, the energy of this place, the nature, and part of my soul.




A holiday village Viesu Seta - LOCU SALA is located in the heart of Carmans Nature Park. It forms part of a farm, hive and mansion based on the peninsula of the beautiful lake in Latgale. It is 15 minutes drive away from the famous Aglona Basilica, Devil's Lake, and peaceful Kraslava. The property has a free private on-site parking in case you are travelling with your own car, otherwise we can arrange a transfer from any part of Latvia on your request.



Here at LOCU SALA we have a beehive, farm with cows, sheeps, rabbits, chickens and geese. We also offer the open space garden and greenhouse which allow us to produce 200% ECO products all year round. We are happy to organize tours for the guests of all ages to observe animals to see how the fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs grow. Moreover, we can deliver other groceries from the local farms or invite a chef who will prepare for you meals from the local goods.




Around the whole peninsula there is a hiking trail with bridges, swimming and fishing spots along with hidden in the woods gazebo to enjoy picnics and tea ceremonies. The holiday village consists of several houses and offers a number of activities to our guests. There is a grass beach with a sitting area, bridge, and changing facility - available only for the LOCU SALA guests. Between the beach and the houses there is a roofed BBQ area with grill, tables, lights, heaters and a big campfire area next to it. Guests have a possibility to use (advance reservation is required) sauna cottage equipped with a big heated outdoor tub. Moreover, you may rent a boat or SUP boards to go around the lake and observe beautiful sceneries.




LOCU SALA is a great choice for families and groups who would like to enjoy the beauty of nature and agriculture. If you are looking for unforgettable moments with your friends - come and get it! Many of our warmly welcomed guests come from abroad, we are excited to get more multicultural and show you how lovely Latvian flora and fauna are. This is the place to truly detox from the urban life, specialised stays like yoga and sport retreats, local food and beer tasting and sauna treatments are the zest that we do best. We will be happy to make your stay exceptional!

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